Her Priorities

“We need to protect the invisible children in this city we call home,” Leah says. “No one should fall through the cracks anymore, ever.”

To that end, Leah will stand up and fight for vulnerable children in our public school system.

Among the issues Leah will champion:

  • Equal access to all aspects of public school facilities and programs for children with disabilities
  • Comprehensive anti-bullying policies and education
  • Intervention and accommodation for children with mental health challenges
  • Full and equitable inclusion programs for children of color, immigrants, girls and LGBTQ kids
  • Additional funding to support homeless students and help keep quality teachers in our schools
  • Pedestrian safety improvements, including better crosswalks near schools and senior centers

“There is a man in the White House who is teaching our kids that bullying is okay. We need to intervene and show our children what is right - That is to stand up for themselves and each other to the bullies. It is time to end the cycle of bullying in schools and start working on meaningful changes that will endure for generations to come,” Leah says.

Help Leah Pimentel stand up for the most vulnerable in our schools. Let’s end bullying. It starts with us.